Contractor Spending and FEMA

I contributed photos, analysis and reporting to a look into federal disaster contracting for News21t, an investigative reporting project based out of Arizona State University in Phoenix.

Alex Matteo (left) and Frank Zucco observe equipment in Wanco’s 275,000-square-foot factory. The Arvada, Colorado, company can produce message boards and intelligent transportation equipment in as little as two days. (Kailey Broussard/News21)
Frank Zucco, director of intelligence transportation systems for Wanco Incorporated, walks through his company’s facilities in Arvada, Colo. July 12, 2019. He said the company is able to set aside and act quickly. “We don’t have as many rules to follow as a government organization, or a very large corporation might have to follow,” he said. “And so we can do what makes sense to us.” (Kailey Broussard/News21)t



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