Van Collinsworth, a longtime California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection firefighter, poses for a portrait in Santee, Calif. (Kailey Broussard/News21)
Lali Mitchell‘s first home in Harmony Grove, California, where she had lived since moving to the area in 1976, was destroyed in the 2014 Cocos Fire. She said the fire destroyed tens of thousands of dollars worth of art, as well as family mementos, such as her father’s typewriter. “She was her own beautiful thing,” Mitchell said of her burned house. (Kailey Broussard/News21)
Cole looks away as he prepares one of his arrows. His family’s shed and patio area doubles as his shooting range and practice hockey rink. (Kailey Broussard)
Julia Lorena Campos Noguera, 22, sells water and lemonade in San Juan de Lurigancho. (Photo by Kailey Broussard)
Amritha Karthikeyan, a senior BASIS Phoenix student and member of Arizona Youth Climate Strike, said she was happy to join the strike in D.C. on Sept. 20, 2019, because she couldn’t attend the protest she helped plan in Phoenix. (Photo by Kailey Broussard)



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