From AZ to D.C.: Introducing my blog

For so long, I’ve wanted to write a blog about my journalism experiences and my time when not being in the craft. But I’ve questioned where my voice fits in and whether the world needs yet another blog for longer.

Personal blogs are an act of self-love and reflection. Whenever the fever to post has hit in the past, I’ve dismissed the urge. To me, I thought my opinion as another drop in an ocean of hot takes and aggrandizing posts. Then, I realized this kind of self-defeatism has (and will continue to) seep into other factors of my life if I don’t commit to something to the tune of self-advocacy.

At the end of the day, I’m a young media professional fresh out of graduate school, and I have experiences worth telling. After all, I’m supposed to share stories. I’d be remiss not to try telling my own.

I have high hopes for this attempt at a blog, especially as I transition from student to professional. I’d like to share with you all some of the pieces I enjoyed. I’d also like to talk about tips and tricks surrounding the craft I enjoy so much, I honed it through two degrees.

Wherever I work next will most likely involve packing up my life — yet again — and moving cross country. I repacked my life in spending a semester in Washington as part of my capstone studies. Washington was the third place I’ve ever lived, and, in retrospect, one of my favorites so far. Graduate school gave me many of my “firsts” — a first cross-country move, first trips abroad by foot and by plane. I’d be hard-pressed to choose a favorite moment from the past year and a half.

While I carve out the next path of my own, please feel free to scroll through this blog.